David A.O



David A.O has always been intrigued with life from a young age. His childhood experiences exposed him to quite a number of things. This built him to be very philosophical and analytical about life and nature, even as a religious young boy. ⁣ He likes to know things for fun; knowledge gives him a certain kind of euphoria. He grew to be very critical about life; wanting to know the precise thing happening in every situation. ⁣ He became a humanist along the line because he was sure religion did not have the answers to life. He pursued life recklessly like most young adults after he graduated until he started noticing patterns in the structure of life. He realized there is a relationship between the different spheres of life; he went back to being philosophical about life, and religious too. ⁣ He was able to see life from different perspectives and this helped him to come to a place of accurate knowledge of the Truth.

Published Books