Fijeh Roseline Aadum



Fijeh Aadum is an entrepreneur, a writer, and a philanthropist. She is dedicated to helping you transform your money, your business and your community. An obsessive leaner, most of her time is spent reading, writing, and providing education that will help you experience the transformation you crave. Over the years, she has spent time traveling and learning from the best in the finance and business world. She has run businesses on three continents and helped clients start-up and run successful businesses, all the while making a difference in their communities. Fijeh is a bestselling author and host of The Start-Up Dialogue Podcast and The Thrive with Fijeh Podcast. She is the Founder of Immigrants Thrive and Fijeh Roseline Aadum Foundation for Enterprise Development. Follow here on Instagram and FB: @fijehaadum Website:

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