Sianah Nalika DeShield



Sianah Nalika DeShield is a Liberian novelist, blogger, mentor, and game-changer, who writes novels about African women living their African dreams. Sometimes, the women in her stories are naughty, but every time they act, they break stereotypes. An avid romance reader, she uses her books to touch upon social, political, and economic issues Africans face around the world. Her books educate, entertain, and inspire people, and they give an unadulterated picture of the Africa she knows and loves. You can find her living her urban life in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and giving us make-believe tales of happily ever after that ring with truth. You can contact Sianah via her Website, Twitter @sianahdeshield, Instagram @sianahdeshield, Facebook @sianahdeshield, and Pinterest @sianahdeshield

Published Books