Bofamene Joseph



Bofamene Joseph is a Writer, Mental Health Activist and Political Scientist- from a sandy community off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the Niger Delta. In 2017, she began an online mental awareness campaign under the name- The Aquarian Melancholic; which later became the official convener of Mentally Aware Bayelsa 2018- a Mental Health Awareness project in Southern Nigeria. She was a guest speaker at the World Mental Day, 2018. She’s an IT enthusiast that led her team to victory in February, 2018, wining the BIG WEEK Hackathon for their innovation to create a database that forecasts epidemic outbreaks. Her two sentence story won the Union Bank Mini-Campus Writing challenge in September, 2018. Bofamene Joseph was born when Nigeria had a 30 state structure and even though she's yet to travel through half of those states, she believes that words, papers and books are a form of time travel - this is why she writes- about things that always seem easier on paper, but are harder to grasp in reality- uprisings, politics, pleasure, pain, hope, and yesterday. She has three published articles in the Kalahari Review- as entries for the Igby Prize for Nonfiction.

Published Books