Last mile delivery of books to anywhere in the world

Litireso offers competitive shipping rates and can ship to anywhere in the world

How it works

Create a print distribution
Create a print distribution publication in your Litireso account. It's free and straightforward. Your print distribution publication will be in review and not available for purchase in the Litireso store.
Send the books to our warehouse
After you've created the publication, we will send instructions to your registered Litireso email address on how to send the books to our warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria. We will approve your print distribution publication once we receive the books and it will be available for purchase immediately in the Litireso store.
We ship!
Whenever your print publication is purchased in the Litireso store, we will ship the book to the customer with no further action from you.

Estimate shipping fee

Don't want to sell your books on Litireso? Use this tool to estimate how much we will ship your books then call us to place your order.

Choose a currency
Package information
Dimension can be calculated by multiplying the length, width and height of the package.
What is the weight of one unit book?
Destination information


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